This page is really about you. You and your story. Because, getting your story told is why you’re here. Sure, you’d like to know a bit about me. But I’ll focus on how clients get their story told, published and found – with my help.

For over two decades I’ve been developing PR programs for my clients. Years ago, my PR professor commented that my Capstone Project was the, “most creative I have seen in 11 years.”

Today with social media, anyone can blast out their message. But what works to cut through the noise so your message reaches the people that matter?

* Make the story the focus, not the media, that’s where I start. A good story gets shared.
* Understand how key reporters, bloggers and journalists think, and work.
* find these key influencers, the ones with audiences that are large, but who also need good content to promote.
* Write a story that they want to write about, and publish.
* Pitch to these key influencers and journalists in a way that they respond to.

There are three ways to get published at scale: Luck, Paid Advertising, or Professional PR. PR is not free, but when done right, it can catapult a message beyond what paid advertising can do.
This is my passion, to get your message buzzing among the people that matter to you.

Let me know if you’re ready to GO!